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patented.jpg US PATENT 7,972,138 / International Patents Pending

INTELLETUAL PROPERTY STATEMENT At Sketch-it LLC, we believe that ingenuity is our greatest asset. We invest a great deal of time and expense to bring innovative and well designed products to our customers. Because our research and development product cycle depends upon protecting the substantial investments made by Sketch-it LLC and its affiliates to develop our existing products, Intellectual Property protection is a core component of our business model. To support both our interests and that of our customers, we aggressively enforce our US and international patent, trademark and copyright assets. Manufacturers, importers, distributors and retailers who infringe upon our products put themselves at risk for substantial monetary damages which can include up to three times Sketch-it LLCs' damages in addition to attorney fees. Infringers who choose not to respect any and all of Sketch-it LLCs intellectual property rights can expect a swift and certain legal response from Sketch-it LLC.

Sketch-it is a registered trademark of Sketch-it LLC a Delaware company and is registered in the USA, Canada and other international countries.



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