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Press Release 2009


Two Young Inventors Draw a STRAIGHT LINE to Success With a New DIY Product.

NAPLES, Florida, USA - April 21, 2009 – Two young inventors launch a new DIY tool and draw straight lines to success in a down economy.

“The past four years have not been an easy road” says Daniel Hachey of East West Ventures LLC.  “Inventing, designing and marketing a new product have many steps and pitfalls.  It is hard to believe how a simple product could take so long to develop.”

Daniel Hachey and Ryan Johnson of East West Ventures LLC are the co-inventors of a new DIY product called Sketch-it.  Sketch-it is a specialty design tool in the form of a clipboard which is used to draw layouts and quick sketches for many applications including kitchen remodeling, flooring layouts and a multitude of other DIY projects.

Over four years ago, Hachey and Johnson came up with a new idea on how to improve on an existing concept that allows you to draw straight lines without using a ruler.  This portable invention is ideal for any individual that needs to draw straight lines quickly and easily.

When they initially came up with the idea, they believed it would only take a few months to manufacture the product. Over 1 ½ years later with still no product, they couldn’t believe it.  Both Hachey and Johnson spent countless hours talking to companies in the USA, Germany and China who specialize in manufacturing products. Due to the fine tolerances of the specialized textured drawing surface, all the manufacturers believed the product was impossible to make. “Determination is the name of the game.” says Johnson “No matter how many times the door is slammed in your face you can never give up.” Fortunately, they stumbled upon a small manufacturing company in the USA who decided to help them with their product development.

In August, 2008, the product was first released.  Hachey and Johnson have been focusing their efforts on marketing the Sketch-it.  Sketch-it is currently being sold to law enforcement,EMS,estimators, roofers, adjustors, drafting supply companies and to school systems. The Sketch-it is currently being sold in the United States, Canada and European markets. During this time, sales have exceeded their expectations even in a down economy. After all of the challenges, they are proud to say their product is made in the USA.

For additional information on “Two Young Inventors Draw a STRAIGHT LINE to Success With a New DIY Product.” contact Daniel Hachey or Ryan Johnson or visit “Sketch-it” is a registered trademark all rights reserved.

Contact Person:             Daniel Hachey / Ryan Johnson
Company Name:            Sketch-it LLC
Voice Phone Number:    877-392-7538

FAX Number:                 239-491-7016

Website URL:       



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