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Who is Sketch-it LLC?
Sketch-it LLC is a privately held company with a unique brand of innovative products.

What types of products do you carry?
Currently we offer a specialized clipboard designed to draw straight lines without the use of a ruler.

How do you use the clipboard?
It’s easy!  Place a sheet of paper on the Sketch-it clipboard. Align the top of the paper with the raised guides to ensure proper registration every time.  Hold your pen or pencil at a slight angle and apply moderate pressure while drawing a straight line. Applying moderate pressure helps prevent your pen or pencil from skipping.

How does the clipboard work?
The clipboard has a specialized texture on the surface to assist the user while drawing straight lines.  This textured surface is made up of thousands of small bumps.  These bumps guide the pen or pencil point to draw a straight line.

Do I need a special pen or pencil?
No. Any pen or pencil will work with your Sketch-it clipboard; however, a 0.5mm pencil or pen would be the ideal size. For best results use a fine tip drawing tool.

What are the raised “ribs” for at the top of my Sketch-it clipboard?
These guides are a unique feature found only on the Sketch-it clipboard and is used to ensure proper alignment of your drawing paper every time.  In the event you remove the drawing paper and want to make any additional changes, simple place the drawing paper under the top clip making sure the top and sides of the paper touch the guides.  This will make sure your drawings are aligned properly every time.

What type of paper should I use?
20 pound paper or lighter is the ideal weight.  This includes photocopy paper, velum paper or tracing paper.

How can I draw angles?
Simply remove the paper from the clip and rotate to the desired angle. 

How can I draw circles?
We recommend drawing circles by using circle templates.

Can anyone use this product?
This product can be used by almost anyone from age 5 and up.

Where can I buy your products?
You can buy directly online at
www.sketch-it.comor through one of our authorized distributors by clicking Where to Buy.

How many years will it my Sketch-it clipboard last?

All Sketch-it clipboards have been designed under rigorous standards while manufactured in the USA. No product is indestructible; however, used as directed the Sketch-it clipboard should last for many years.

Can I leave my Sketch-it clipboard in the sun?
Sketch-it clipboards are made from quality plastic material here in the USA. Exposing your Sketch-it clipboard to direct sunlight for extended periods of time may cause the color to fade.

How durable is it?
All Sketch-it clipboards are made with precision manufacturing techniques and quality materials and are designed to last. No product is indestructible; however, used as directed the Sketch-it clipboard should last for many years.
What colors do you offer?
Red, Blue, Orange and Gray. Please check back often as we are continually expanding our color range. Please tell us if there are any other colors you would like to see.
Submit here.
What sizes do you offer?
The overall dimensions of the clipboard are 9”x 13” with a drawing surface of A4 or 8.5” x 11”.  New products and sizes are scheduled for later release.

Where is the product manufactured?
The Sketch-it clipboard is proudly Made in the USA.

Can this product be used as a regular clipboard?

Can I become a distributor or re-seller?
Click here for more information.

Can you print custom logos on your products?
Yes. You must supply the logo artwork in a print ready format.  Minimum quantities apply.
Contact us for more details.

Who’s it for?
Students, DIY's, Architects, Floor planners, Appraisers, Engineers, Contractors, Interior Designers, Kitchen and Bathroom Designers, Carpet installers, Landscapers, Educators, Real Estate agents, Children, Rehabilitation therapy, Hobby and Crafts, Woodworkers, Electricians, HVAC layouts plus many more!!

Do you have any sketching advice?
Practice makes perfect. Have fun!


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