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Graph Paper

Ten random facts about Graph Paper

    1. Graph paper was developed between 1890 and 1910 by math professors trying to improve high school education.

    2. Tic Tac Toe, and Battleship are both games that can be played with just graph paper and a pencil.

    3. Graph paper is also known as quadrille paper. It can be purchased as either loose leaf or bound.

    4. Standard graph paper is a Cartesian grid, with the X and Y axis expanding out from the origin equally.

    5. There are other forms of graph paper used for specialty purposes ranging from electronics to accounting.

    6. In art and painting classes graph paper is used as a tool to develop Spatial Awareness and can be perfect for kids crafts.

    7. Graph paper and colored pencils are commonly used to develop needlepoint and cross stich designs. It is also used for quilting design to convey Quilting Tips and patterns.

    8. Grid Paper is just another name for graph paper. Some variations are dot paper and hexagonal grid paper.

    9. Graph paper is used to develop maps for all kinds of games. They range from games played without a computer like dungeons and dragons, to online games.


Sketch-it eliminates the need for graph paper. The textured surface guides your pen or pencil allowing you to draw perfectly without rulers or graph paper. Rotate your paper on the Sketch-it clipboard and draw angles with ease with the built-in protractor.

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